Itchy Dogs and Cats – Stop Scratching Fast

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on January 23, 2013

Once our best furry friends start itching it can be awfully hard to make them stop.  This great video will tell you all about easy to find and use natural home remedies that really work to stop that itch and nip it in the bud.  Save this for spring and summer and you’ll know just what to do when the itching kicks in.


Cat vitamins can help prevent FeLV and FIV

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on January 20, 2013

Can cat vitamins really help prevent FeLV and FIV in cats? Feline Leukemia Virus or FeLV is contagious and is passed by direct cat-to- cat contact, such as in mutual grooming or bite wounds. Not all cats who contact it die from the disease. Some fight it off and recover and some become carriers of the virus. FeLV suppresses a cat’s immune system, allowing other diseases to make the cat extremely sick. It can also cause lymphatic cancer. A small number of cats contract FeLV and never get sick, living a normal life span. This is because their immune system fights off the active infection.  A good vitamin for cats containing vitamins, minerals and super-foods will keep your cat’s immune system in tip-top shape. Infection is much less likely to occur when the  immune system is supported and functioning well. Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES truly has everything cats need- from generous doses of active Vitamin D3 to Vitamin C and lots of phytonutrients from superfoods.

It is so very vital for a cat’s health that he gets daily vitamins. Supplements of cat vitamins and minerals keep the immune system strong and this will (1) prevent cats from becoming infected because they fight off the disease (2) keep carriers of the virus healthy and finally (3) help cats with active cat FeLV to boost their immune system, stay healthy and not get a fatal illness or cancer. Read the full article →


Hairballs and Shedding in Cats

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on January 13, 2013

“It’s her fur and not mine!” , said the dog.  Well, no matter whose fur it is who wants to vacuum all the time? Perhaps you spend a lot of time vacuuming up cat hair from furniture and corners.  Maybe your cat hawks up hairballs on occasion.  This video link will give you tips on how to stop unnecessary and excess shedding in your cat.  You see, shedding isn’t a sign of health and cat’s really shouldn’t shed as much as they do.  If we give them proper nutrition they shed less and both their skin and coat are healthier.  The trick is good nutrition and that’s totally possible with VITAL VITIES by Deserving Pets.


Atopica – A Dangerous Path to Take

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on January 9, 2013

Nothing seemed to be helping Buffy – an affectionate buff  colored Cocker Spaniel.  His owner was interested in holistic avenues.  She was referred to a dermatologist after she had tried everything,  (even steroids) and nothing had helped.  The dermatologist prescribed Atopica for Buffy and the improvement was almost immediate.    She couldn’t understand why her holistic veterinarian and her local veterinarian  (who was aware of her holistic leaning) had not prescribed Atopica.

The truth is that many veterinarian, both holistic and conventional, shiver with dread when they contemplate this product called Atopica .   One of my clients  -a nurse- contacted me after her veterinarian had suggested Atopica.  She explained to me the strict rules and protective actions that a nurse needs to take when administering cyclopsporine, (which is the active ingredient in Atopica) to human patients were enough to make her very wary of using the product on her dog. Read the full article →


Recipe for Delicious Treat

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on January 5, 2013

It’s easy and fun to make delicious treats at home.  The following is a recipe that both dogs and cats love:

Salmon Fudge

14 oz can undrained salmon

1 ½ cups of oat flour

2 eggs lightly beaten

½ cup of Parmesan cheese

Mix together all ingredients and spread on oiled or non-stick cookie sheet to desired thickness.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes then cool and slice with pizza cutter to desired size.  Refrigerate.

From Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog