Why don’t we detect disease earlier?

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on March 29, 2011


It is because disease initiates on a cellular, microscopic level.  With the advent of molecular and DNA studies, scientists are now absolutely certain that what happens at a cellular level is reflected, eventually, in the entire organism.  One cell becomes diseased, and another takes over for it.  This happens over and over again in healthy bodies.  But when the insults to the cells begin to pile up, and they do not have the necessary nutrients to repair themselves, they die or change and no longer function as they once did.  It’s a slow process and it takes a lot to make a cell give up because industrious is a cell’s middle name.

Cells were designed in nature before lawn chemicals, toxic cleansers, poisonous preservatives and literally tons of man made carcinogens found their place on this planet.  We now often purchase water in containers, but the plastic containers themselves leach their chemicals into the store bought water.  With each passing decade, it takes more work to stay healthy.  Fortunately advances in vitamins and anti-oxidants are attempting to keep pace and balance the scales.

Our canine and feline  friends are indeed fortunate that the cells in their bodies work tirelessly to survive.   In their ideal world they would like a salary of pristine nutrients, and a support system of vitamins, minerals and herbs.  Rather, they get preservatives, highly processed foods, ineffectual vitamins that cannot be absorbed and utilized and a many toxins to excrete. A healthier diet will most certainly help to change the course of events.

Excerpt taken from Dr. Deva’s “Natural Dog.”




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