I LOVE the Deserving Pets Vitamin product for both our cat Lincoln and our Springer Spaniels, Jeter and Casey. Casey is 5 1/2. Jeter will be 11 in July. Over the last 3 or 4 years Jeter has had skin issues that have caused him to itch relentlessly. As a result of the crusty scabs that would develop he lost most of the long Springer feathers on his chest. We addressed it with lots of different types of holistic health treatments at the veterinarian. While it seemed to abate a bit it never quite went away until I began giving him Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Dogs. At the moment his coat actually shines,  (he does not need to advertise for Selsen Blue shampoo for dry scaly flaking skin) and all his feathers have grown back in. I also think he is having fewer seizures. Casey our other Springer has a gorgeous coat as well.

Free Dog and Cat Vitamin Samples

Free Dog and Cat Vitamin Samples

The other thing we have seen with both dogs is their stools are normal. Prior to using the Deserving Pets both dogs had very loose stools with mucous. Lincoln our cat who will be 21 this year dines on junk food (Friskies) no matter what we try to and have tried to feed him. I give him the feline Deserving Pets Vitamins every day and he is also thriving, patrolling the grounds and aggravating Casey and Jeter whenever possible! He also about 10 years ago nearly gave it up with kidney failure and has not been thriving since then. Either he is extremely ornery, or the Deserving Pets supplement is definitely compensating for his serious junk food habit and is giving him energy and a new lease on life!!!

Jane, Bill Jeter Casey and Lincoln

I am truly thrilled with your product.  First let me say, I have tried pretty much everything out there to help my cat Jamee’s loose stool  –expensive probiotics, JMT – an energy technique, antibiotics for bacteria, other vitamins, you name it he has had it.  Holistic and conventional.  The list could go on and on.

At first I wasn’t too sure about trying yet another product.  However after being assured that you have a very flexible return policy, I thought I’d give it a whirl.  To be honest I really thought I would be sending it back to you as nothing else has had any visible impact in years.  My cat’s stools have always been loose, mushy and he would cry before pooping.

I started very slowly with pixie dust amounts for both of my cats and am at present giving them ½ teaspoon each once a day.  Not only do they eat their wet food with your vitamins mixed into them but – TA DAH – formed poops that do not smell, are easy to pass and a visibly happier kitty!  Maybe it is the glutamine in your product, I haven’t tried that before.  All I can say is fantastic and I’ll keep you updated “poop-wise”!

Charlie, Jamee & Belle in Hopewell, NJ

I just wanted to write and thank you for developing the Deserving Pets Vitamins. I have five long-haired cats and two dogs.  OK, maybe I should have my head examined but I could have twice as many if I had the time and the money -and  they were all strays that needed homes anyway.  One of my cats Batman, likes to sleep in my mesh office chair and it honestly would look like fur on a real animal if I didn’t vacuum it for a week.  His brother Spiderman (aptly named) likes to crawl up my thick curtains.  He doesn’t really damage them too much but his long fur would shed out and stick to the curtains and the curtains are beige and he’s mostly black.  Needless to say, cleaning is a sort of night-mare as not only did I need to vacuum the floor but all the chairs and these beige curtains. ( the vacuum did a pretty terrible job and I have always been afraid to wash them.)

I heard about these Deserving Pets Vitamins on a Yahoo Group and that they would help with shedding.  My husband thought about it for a while and figured it would cost about what 2 dinners out a month cost for us to get all of our pets on them.  We opted to try.  After only two weeks, I thought I was imagining that the fur was less around the house.  They were certainly looking more shiny and my old dog had a new spring in his step.  My cats long fur always looked a little dull and I just thought that was the way it was supposed to look.  Now their fur seemed to shine from root to tip.  They all loved the vitamins in their food.

About a month or so after starting my husband walked to our computer chair and just stopped and stared at it for a while.  He called me over and asked me if I had just vacuumed it.  It had been a week and it was perfectly clean.  Well, we were so excited we went into this weird cleaning rage.  I got every single black hair off of those curtains and we crawled under things and moved furniture.

WE NOW HAVE A LIFE.  And the house stays clean.  And our cats look incredible.  And I’m not freaked out if someone stops by the ‘day before’ we used to need to vacuum for 2 hours cause the place looks just fine.  I think about what we all put up with cause we all love our little beasties so very much.  So thank you Deserving Pets, because I can enjoy life more, enjoy my house more and enjoy my little beasties more.  And my superhero cats are healthier too!

Marcy and Allen from NY and….( Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Lois, Little Miss Muffet, Tuftie,  Bert and Ernie.)

OK time for this story I heard.  A gal from Florida called me about the Bobcat she has.  He was meant for Bush Gardens but he had a problem with seizures so the state let her adopt him.   She needed something to balance his raw meat diet and wondered if Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Cats would do the trick.  And every time she tried to add some healthy powder or vitamin to balance his raw diet onto his meat, he would bring it piece by piece over to his water bowl, drop it in, wash it all offthen eat it.  She called me to ask me a question about her other cat and told me her Bobcat not only likes it on his meat, but licks the bowl clean of all the remaining powder!!   I’ve asked her to make a video of him washing his food for http://dogandcatvitamins.com/   How funny!

When I brought my puppy back to visit her breeder, she was amazed at how beautiful her coat has become.  I put Lily on the food she recommended and we figured the only thing different that I did was the vitamin.  My breeder started using the vitamin, too, and she is getting the same results.  I’m new to holistic dog care but I’m really proud of how Lily looks and acts and also that I helped other dogs get in the same condition.
Maria, New Jersey

This is one of the rare times I’ve sat down to write a letter of appreciation for a product.  I have been doing rescue work with cats for almost 20 years and over the course of time have learned that the best and fastest way to get them to loving homes and into their new lives is to get them healthy and looking well.  Wow!  What a difference this vitamin has made!  Rescue cats are often sick – respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and stressed.  My rescue cats are getting healthy on the inside and it shows on the outside – gleaming, shiny, sleek coats that just long to be stroked.  This rescue work is very important to me and I feel like I’m making even more of a difference in these cats’ lives now that I am feeding them the vitamin.  Thanks you very much for this product.
Caroline, Pennsylvania

My dog loves these vitamins so much that he runs to the refrigerator to wait for them at mealtime.  I think he wants to learn how to open the bottle himself ;-)  He has always looked forward to supper but now it has become a gala event.  I take him out for a long walk every evening and after a few weeks on this vitamin he has more energy and stamina and wants to keep playing even though he is much older than his buddies in the park.  I firmly believe the quality of his life has genuinely improved because of this vitamin.  This has made him happier in many ways – after 14 years he’s an important part of my life – so it makes me happy, too.  Thanks!
Frank, California

My cat Jasmine is so picky that I have to shop so carefully for dry food that she likes – and then after I do find one she’ll decide that she doesn’t like it anymore.  I try to keep her on the healthier brands because she is prone to urinary tract infections and also since she doesn’t eat much she might as well be getting good nutrition from what she does eat.  The vet told me that she needed more liquid in her diet but she only eats dry food and won’t drink water.  I just started the vitamin in the hopes that it would help stop the infections but it’s too soon to tell.  What I do want to say is that she LOVES the vitamin – huge surprise for me.  She has been on it for less than two weeks and her fur is so much softer and shinier.  So thanks and I’ll let you know how it works with her bladder problems – she gets infections about every other month so we’ll see.
Andrea, Florida

Vital Vitamins for Dogs

My dog is one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet.  So the fact that he loves the bacon and liver flavor blew me away.  I would never have bought them (would have thought them a waste) but my sister gave them to me as a gift.  She has three Labs and no lie cleans her floors twice a day.  Since her dogs have been taking the vitamins (about 6 weeks) the shedding has decreased dramatically.  So she gave me the vitamins and said to try them and I did and my dog is having benefits too – definitely nicer, softer coat and it smells better and feels cleaner.  He’s got more energy and you’re going to laugh, I know, but I think he’s got more going on in his head, too – like he’s thinking deeper doggie thoughts.  Also, the ear infection that never seems to go away is – guess what? – gone.  Thank you Deserving Pets!!!

Stacy, Rhode Island

Lucky’s timing was perfect…
Lucky was not my patient.  I’d called my friend, Dr. Scott Sanderson, to share with him the incredible results I was having with Double Helix Water with cancer and many other diseases.  So I sent him a few bottles.  We’re friends and I want all pets to benefit from my knowledge, not just my patients.  Lucky happened to come into his office soon after this.  Lucky had a Malignant Melanoma, a type of cancer in which there is little hope, if any at all.
This is the story written by his ‘people.’


‘Our dog Lucky, a 14 year old Lab, had stopped eating.  Given his age, I immediately thought the worst.  I made an appointment with Dr. Sanderson.  When he examined him, he found a large tumor in his mouth.  We agreed that it had to be biopsied.   Dr. Sanderson could not remove the whole tumor, it was too big but he told me to start Double Helix Water.  I had never heard of Double Helix water, but being a client of Dr. Sanderson’s for years, I know he had new ideas and is trained in Holistic options.  The biopsy came back as a malignant melanoma and Dr. Sanderson informed me that it had grown into the jaw bone.  When he saw Lucky for his follow-up visit just two weeks after the biopsy, Dr. Sanderson was shocked.  Shocked to hear that Lucky had started eating again and to see that inside Lucky’s mouth there didn’t appear to be any residual evidence that he had even had a tumor removed. In other words, it was all perfect and healthy.  Of course, myself and my family were elated to hear this good news.   Lucky is the luckiest dog and we are the luckiest people!’

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I have a four year old Golden Retriever named Shelby, who is the joy and love of our family.  Shelby has mild hip dysplasia.  At age 3 1/2, she started to show signs of pain and did not want to go on walks and stairs were a problem.  She also got depressed.  Shelby loves her walks, she would go for an hour in the morning and evening and both walk and jog so she was very active.   I had to get her well so I put her in Animal Rehab going 3x a week for four months doing the underwater treadmill.  My concern was my magnificent young dog has having so much trouble with her hips at such a young age and this broke my heart.  I stopped rehab and she began having trouble again with walks and stairs.  So I started acupuncture every two weeks and did prolotherapy along with a whole bunch of different nutritional supplements.

I was considering more extensive procedures to help her when I got the announcement that Dr. Khalsa had designed this new product called Deserving Pets Vitamins.  I immediately ordered it because Dr. Khalsa was my veterinarian when she was in Yardley and knew if it was her product it would be special.  My expectations were protection from disease and good overall nutritional support.   I got much more than I expected!
The first week Shelby was on it she showed signs of improvement and her depression lifted. She was spunky again and so happy.  The second week she was leaping in the car, walking on her 2 walks every day and steps didn’t even phase her… I also noticed her coat was so shiny.  She is now a picture of health.  We have not been back to the vets for acupuncture and I stopped the various holistic joint supplements and meds and just have her on Deserving Pets.  Thank you Dr. Khalsa for really caring for our animals and bringing this miracle product to our furry friends.  DIANE, SHELBY AND FAMILY