Quality Time with Our Pets

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on January 2, 2013

Both dogs and cats are social animals.  Social animals don’t want to be alone- they want company and interesting interactions

Relationships are an important part of health.  Strong bonds with others means protection from loneliness and depression.  It goes both ways.  Healthier pets are happier pets and happier pets are healthier pets.   Just as vitally important is that both humans and pets benefit from the quality time spent together.

We enjoy our walks more as we watch our dogs sniff and explore with delight.   Our hearts sing in a special way as we stroke our cats and listen to them purr.  Animals and people create that special winning combination.

If our pets could tell us one thing it very well might be, “ Take the time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life with me.”

How about adding some regular exercise because it’s part of a healthy life style for all of us – humans, dogs and cats.  If it’s not safe for your cat to go outside every day, make sure he has a scratching post and a selection of toys.  Setting aside some time to play with your cat every day is a great way to give your cat the exercise she needs and improve your own quality of life.

All dogs need exercise, even notorious couch-potato breeds.  Of course, taking the dog for a brisk long walk is the perfect excuse for you to get some exercise too!



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