Flea and Tick Top-Spots: Exposed

by Deserving Pets on July 27, 2010

I personally find this all very shocking. As a veterinarian I have seen so many unexplainable behavior problems, seizures and thyroid problems all having escalated so dramatically in these past several years. Of course, I wondered about prepared pet food, vaccinations and the environment. So many cats, compared to years ago, suffer from hyperthyroidism and heart disease, while too many dogs have behavior problems and hypothyroidism. Could what is discussed below be the reason? Or even part of the reason? Could the correlation be the increased use of these flea and tick control products?

Washington-based Center for Public Integrity (CPI), a non-profit investigative news organization and the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group; have published reports about the safety of both prescription and over-the-counter flea and tick treatments.

Most people think that the pyrethrins (naturally occurring compounds from the chrysanthemum plant) and pyrethroids (the synthetic counterpart), are less hazardous than other tick and flea preventive ingredients. In fact, the contrary has been irrefutably proven. CPI collected data just recently made public through the Freedom of Information Act and analyzed the real data about the pyrethroid-based insecticides that are manufactured for pet, human and environmental use. According to CPI, from 2002 through 2007, at least 1,600 pet deaths related to spot-on treatments were reported to the EPA. That was nearly double the reported fatalities linked to flea treatments without pyrethroids. The pyrethroid spot-ons also accounted for more than half of “major” pesticide pet reactions including brain damage, heart attacks and seizures. Non-pyrethroid spot-on treatments accounted for about 6 % of all major incidents.

Bio Spot Flea and Tick Control, Defend EXspot Treatment and Zodiac FleaTrol Spot On all contain either or both of the active ingredients Permethrin and/or Pyriproxyfen. Permethrin has been implicated as a carcinogenic insecticide causing lung cancer and liver tumors in laboratory animals. There is also a suspicion that it disrupts endocrine function. It can act as a neurotoxin, causing tremors and also increased aggressive behavior and learning problems.

Advantage contains the active ingredient Imidacloprid. In laboratory studies Imidacoprid has been found to increase cholesterol levels in dogs, cause thyroid lesions and liver toxicity and has the potential for damaging the liver, kidney, thyroid, heart, lungs, spleen, adrenal, brain, and gonads. As a neurotoxin, it has caused incoordination and labored breathing and muscle weakness. When this drug was tested after its introduction in 1994, researchers found an increase in frequency of birth defects when it was tested on rats, mice and dogs. In the Journal of Pesticide Reform, author Caroline Cox exposes the resultant thyroid lesions studies have shown as a result of exposure to imidacloprid.

Ticked Off! Tick and Flea Repellent offers you and your dog all natural, chemical-free relief from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and other disease-carrying biting insects

After CPI’s report, the EPA in April 2009 announced it was taking a closer look at all spot-on flea and tick products as a result of the increase in adverse reaction reports with special attention to spot-ons. The EPA is also taking action to address uncertainties about the so-called ‘inert’ ingredients present in these products.

Safe alternatives are very much needed for flea and tick control. The high incidence of cancer in both dogs and cats, hyperthyroidism in cats and hypothyroidism in dogs, aggression and behavior problems, along with a whole slew of miscellaneous medical problems could potentially be linked to these previously “believed to be innocuous” spot-on products. Who would think, without the knowledge gained from these studies that being on Advantage could potentially raise your pet’s cholesterol level in a blood test. As an old friend used to say “This opens a whole new can of worms!’

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