Dog Vitamins- The Mystery Revealed

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on December 12, 2011

dog vitaminsYour dog needs his dog vitamins every day to stay healthy. Most dogs don’t get a diet that supplies all the necessary vitamins and minerals they need for long, healthy and vital lives. You see, vitamins and minerals work together; like nuts and bolts and they supply all the tools needed for your dog’s specific body processes. Each vitamin and mineral plays a unique role in keeping the body machinery rolling along healthily with all gears polished and working. If all the gears are in order your dog will stay healthy and be strong enough to stave off lots of diseases, among them cancer, diabetes and liver or kidney failure. The body machine has to be ready for any problem at any time – be it a virus, a bacteria or a toxic overload. So what’s all the mystery about dog vitamins and why are the labels so confusing?

Most dog supplements containing vitamins and minerals do not list their ingredients in milligrams and International Units and they don’t give the form or source of their ingredients. You see, quality ingredients are ones that have a lot of activity, are easily absorbed and are in a form that is effective and useful to the body. What’s a lot of activity mean? Well you might search, for example , for a cranberry capsule at the health food store and might compare two bottles. Each would state that they have 100 mg of cranberry in each capsule. But one might have 10% active cranberry while the other has 60% active cranberry. If they were both the same price the 60% active cranberry would be a much smarter purchase.

The manufacturers of many of the dog vitamins readily available on the market look for inexpensive food sources that can be ground down to provide a vitamin pill or powder. Unfortunately, these products are not complete or balanced and the form of the ingredients is often not the best. Every doggy body needs a complete set of tools to stay healthy. That’s why it’s important to purchase dog vitamins that are from quality sources and are precisely formulated

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