Does Dog Food Cause Cancer in Dogs?

by Deserving Pets on March 1, 2010

Cancer in dogs is on the rise. The major cause of death in dogs over two years of age is cancer. So does dog food cause cancer in dogs? Interestingly enough, cancer in both people and pets has risen in tandem with the rise in processed foods eaten by both. Humans are eating frozen dinners cooked in their microwave and dogs are eating super-heated and super-compressed, in fact super- processed foods just as well.

Dog Food Cancer Dogs

Dog Food Cancer Dogs

The fact that eating raw foods such as tomatoes, apples, berries, beets, kale and so many other colored vegetables prevents cancer is all over the news. A thirty percent reduction in cancer rates have been found in studies where just one or a few of these super foods are eaten regularly. Now that’s significant for your dog’s good health.

Dog food used to contain the carcinogen Ethoxyquin but pet owners put pressure on dog food companies to take it out. And they did. It’s still pretty hard to keep track of the drugs and hormones in the food animals are fed or injected with and the effect of these in creating cancer.

While I can’t say that dog food causes cancer I can, with assurance, say that it sure doesn’t prevent it. With all of the carcinogens present in today’s environment it would be great if it did.

But dog vitamins added onto dog food can do the job for you. Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Dogs contains almost a dozen super foods made from raw pure human grade vegetables and fruits that work hard to keep your dog cancer free.

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