Diabetes Story – Holistic Fixes

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on December 27, 2012

Mabel was drinking lots of water and she wanted more and more to eat.  Yet, she was losing weight and her coat appeared lusterless and shabby.  At first, her owner thought the summer heat was the reason for her thirst.  But she was now drinking several bowls of water a day. After her examination, I took a blood and urine sample from Mabel.  The urine was positive for glucose and the glucose level in her blood was very high.  Mabel began taking insulin that was appropriate for her weight.  We started with a dose on the low side and her owner was instructed on how to moniter her urine with test strips to check the glucose level in the urine. Every other day or so, she was to come in a specific number of hours after giving the insulin shot so we could check the glucose level in Mabel’s blood

Within a few days, Mabel was feeling much better.  Her sugar levels were moving toward normal and her thirst was decreasing.  We started her on 250 mcg of Chromium Glucose Tolerance factor and 50mg of Vanadyl sulfate twice a day.  Her owner began cooking for her and added parsley, garlic and some green beans to her food every day.  Her meals consisted of basic low glycemic index grains and lean meat, poultry or fish with some vegetables.  Mabel got 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day mixed in her food and a multivitamin/multimineral supplement.  Mabel was also given a combination homeopathic remedy formulated for diabetes that contained remedies such as the ones listed below and 300 mg of Gymnena sylvestre once a day.

It often takes a bit of work to find just the right insulin dose for a diabetic dog.  It was no different for Mabel.  A month after she was diagnosed, she was stable but she needed a much lower dose of insulin than expected. This may have been due to the holistic supplements.  Mabel will need to stay on her insulin and the holistic supplements for the rest of her life, unless her pancreas regenerates and recovers fully from the diabetes.  Her homeopathic remedies may be adjusted over time, but supplements such as the Chromium GTF and Vanadyl sulfate will continue to be given to keep her at optimal health.  Diabetics require routine veterinary examinations and blood sugar evaluations.

A well thought out diet with proper supplements helps to regulate and control diabetes.  Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES have complete and balanced vitamins, minerals and superfoods that have consistently helped diabetic dogs. Some basic diabetic diets will follow in the next post.



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