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Dr. Deva Khalsa

We believe that health begins at the cellular level. Nutrients provide the material for every process within cells. “The longer I practice veterinary medicine, the more convinced I am that the key to health and recovery from disease lies with good nutrition.” So says Dr. Deva Khalsa, a leading voice in the growing field of veterinary nutrition. Dr. Khalsa’s convictions towards the highest quality of nutrition for our canine and feline companions is soundly based on research on life and illness, all of which have confirmed the fundamental ‘concept’ that proper nutrition is crucial to life.

The more research done about disease, longevity and quality of life, the more it is evident that the most fundamental element of life is our nutritional core. Without proper nutrition, no body can live well and thrive. As a result, Dr. Khalsa has made one of her long-term career goals the development of the most effective, easily assimilated, appealing and nutritionally comprehensive human grade vitamins available for dogs and cats. Deserving Pets is delighted to have teamed with Dr. Khalsa to develop, refine and taste test these canine and feline nutritional supplements in an effort to make optimal nutrition available at a reasonable price on the consumer market. Enjoy!


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