5 Hot Tips to Get Rescue Dogs Feeling Good

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on July 24, 2012

  1. Most stray dogs have worms and fecal tests don’t always test positive when a dog has intestinal worms. Fecal exams look for the eggs the worms are depositing in the feces.  If eggs are in the feces it means that worms are definitely in the intestines. Importantly, an absence of eggs doesn’t necessarily mean there are no worms.  It just means that no eggs are found.   So it’s safer to worm and remove any possible parasite burden. I like to use Panacur sprinkled on the food for 3 days and is available over the counter from places such as 1.800 Pet Meds and amazon.com
  2. Get them on Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES  www.deservingpets.com and you’ll see a genuine improvement in their appearance and health in just a few weeks.  The worse they look the faster they will show a noticeable and often glowing improvement.  This will help them to get adopted faster.  Just as importantly, it will make them healthier from the inside out.
  3. If you want to make sure you avoid any diarrhea during this process you can play it safe by feeding some steamed or baked sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes have natural phytonutrients with an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestine.  Sweet potatoes are better than white rice when a dog has diarrhea.  You would add the cooled sweet potatoes into their regular diet. There’s no need to feed only sweet potatoes.  One medium sweet potato twice a day for a medium sized dog is fine and you can adjust the portion to the size dog you have.
  4. Check their ears for infections and make sure you check for brown waxy dirt deep in the ears.  This is often Malazzesia,-a yeast which grows in damp moist places.  Malazzesia can be very itchy in the ears.  If you find this you can make up an effective but inexpensive ear solution that will handle the problem quickly.  Make sure the ears are not ulcerated or inflamed before you use this effective ear treatment. ( Recipe is below)
  5. Dogs love healthful coconut oil and it often creates a glowing coat.  Give about 1 tablespoon a day to large and medium dogs and a half a tablespoon to smaller dogs once a day.   Coconut oil has natural lauric acid which fights off infections from bacteria, viruses and fungi.


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