by Dr. Deva Khalsa on August 26, 2012

Carrots have over 400 carotenoids, not just the beta-carotene that researchers seem to dwell upon.  It’s no accident that health conscious people that juice typically add carrots to the mix. Carrots have antimicrobial, nutritional, enzymatic and anticancer properties. One component in carrots called falcarinol serves the growing carrots by preventing fungal growth. It’s not just an antifungal as it also neutralizes the toxins that fungus produce (called mycotoxins). Falcarinol is abundant in carrots and is also, and importantly, unfriendly to cancer. It’s been shown that the faltarinol and another component in carrots called isocoumarin reduced the size of tumors in rats by a third.  Compounds that help alleviate cancer also help to prevent cancer.  Carrots may also be your dogs and cats best friend in the fight against free radical damage. The lutein in carrots helps prevent age related cataracts and supports eye health. So now you know why we put carrots in our VITAL VITIES. One of the most important goals in our development of this preventive supplement is in the area of cancer. One in two dogs and too many cats will die of cancer this year and we want to help put a stop to this. Good health !


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