Why Cancer?

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on March 31, 2011

What  if you learned the leading cause of death in dogs over 2 years of age, is equivalent to a 14 year-old child, was cancer? What would you do?

My quest began, first to discover why cancer is so very prevalent in pets and more importantly, to find ways to truly lower the incidence of this terrible disease.

Today’s world has all too many carcinogens and toxins so the opportunity for cancer to rear its ugly head is all too easy.   We all get ‘cancer’ about once a month and the rogue cells are handled and disposed of.  Cancer has to take hold for it to grow and become a disease. The real key to cancer is in it’s prevention and there are real ways to prevent it.

A very important answer lies in complete, correct supplementation to provides cells with all they need to combat cancer (and any other disease they encounter, for that matter).

This quest led to all the research I did to create Deserving Pets Vitamins.  Selenium and Vitamin E work together to fight cancer. Vitamin C and milk thistle do the same.  New research shows Vitamin D3 to be a major contributor to immune function and we’re extremely deficient in it. Kale works to dump carcinogens out of cells much faster and slow the growth of cancer.  Broccoli, blueberries and many other fruits and vegetables in this mix represent the super foods so often proven to prevent disease.  I used pure human grade ingredients to prepare this complete vitamin, mineral and super-food mix.  Check out Articles on Vitamins on my website www.doctordeva.com for lots more information about how correct nutrition prevents disease.  And begin to give your dogs and cats a daily dose of Deserving Pets Vitamins.  I used a technologically advanced process to create a super healthy supplement that they will love to eat.


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