What people are saying about Vital Vities!

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on April 5, 2011

Here are some of the things people are saying, find out for your self and try a free sample today!

‘My expectations were protection from disease and overall good nutritional support. The first week Shelby showed a marked improvement with her painful hips and knees and her depression lifted. She was spunky again and seemed so happy. By the second week, she was going on long walks, steps didn’t bother her and she was leaping into the car! We haven’t been back to the vet for rehab or acupuncture and have stopped everything except Vital Vities. Her coat is thick, rich and shiny and my Golden Retriever is now the picture of health!’ D. A.

‘At first, I wasn’t too sure about trying another product. To be honest, I didn’t think he would eat it and nothing else I tried has helped his pain and discomfort when he goes potty. Not only does he eat his food with it but TA DAH formed poops without pain and discomfort that don’t smell. In fact, all of my cat’s poops are less smelly, and all their coats are now incredible with measurably decreased shedding.’ C. H.

‘Jeter’s skin issues caused him to itch relentlessly and he had lost most of his Springer feathery fur on his chest. He had crusty scabs all over with lots of dandruff. We had done every conventional and holistic treatment available but when I began giving him Vital Vities the problem just disappeared. His coat shines, his fur has grown in and I also think he is having fewer seizures. Both of our dogs used to have loose stools with mucous but now they’re normal.’ J. G.


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