Welcome to the Phytochemical Revolution

by Deserving Pets on May 3, 2010

Hippocrates said, “ Let food be thy medicine.”  Today, his words are being scientifically proven to be absolute truth.

A healthy dog or cat will fight off diseases, infections and cancer more doggedly that a compromised one will. Providing wholesome and healthful nutrition will prolong life and improve health.  Let’s see why. Food is not just only energy.    In fact, good nutrition supplies all the tools necessary to maintain health.  Each cell is like a miniature city bustling with traffic.  Cells are in the business of living and they need specific tools to stay healthy and rebuild themselves.  They continuously recreate and repair themselves.  The tools they need to do this are vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants and super-foods.  You need to use certain tools in your home to keep it in good shape and so does your cell.  Nature provided the perfect mix to sustain health.  We just need to be able to partake of all the ingredients for good health.

When formulating multi-style supplements the goal is to cover as many nutritional groups as possible and find the freshest,  most biological active and available ingredients on the market. It’s unfortunate that so many pet vitamins use poor quality ingredients such as biologically unavailable powdered bone meal and neglect to include the more expensive, but very important ingredients for health.


Breathtaking colors are reflected in the vegetables we associate with this time of year.  Pumpkins, apples, carrots, beets, and the vibrant green of kale paint a bright portrait. These very colors are created by phytochemicals defined as ‘a naturally occurring plant substance with some having been shown in research to protect against disease.’


Articles about the role of phytochemicals  preventing disease can be found in many publications nowadays.  For example, tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant of the carotenoid group. The bright orange colors in squash, pumpkins and carrots is due to the high levels of beta carotene these vegetables contain.


Kale is full of carotenoids which scavenge free radicals and clean up ‘dirt’  in the cell. Kale is also rich in elements that reduce the risk of cancer and clear the cells of carcinogenic substances much more quickly.  A recent study found that animals, when fed kale, had tumors that were smaller and grew more slowly.


This is what today’s smart health is all about.  Cancer scientists and nutritionists agree that increased intake of these super-foods decreases cancer risk by 20% to 30%.  Now that’s significant!

Phytochemical Revolution

Colorful vegetables are bright and inviting..  And eating them should not feel one bit like taking medicine.  That’s why Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins has all of the vegetables and fruits contained in their cutting-edge mix. These ingredients will work to tone organs, prevent disease and increase health. And they work in conjunction with the human-grade, high-quality vitamins and minerals. Your dog and cat can benefit from these unique disease fighting ingredients every day of the year!

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