by Dr. Deva Khalsa on July 4, 2011

My cat had a terrible infection on the skin of her lower back, just above her tail.  I’m a pretty savvy holistic veterinarian and I tried everything under the sun.  The area was cultured with a sensitivity  test and I even resorted to antibiotics.  The area simply would not heal.  It was hot and had little puncture holes all throughout it that oozed.  I didn’t want to do surgery and put a drain in.  I thought and I thought.  Eureka!  I walked out my back door and found my Aloe vera plant, cut off a stem and opened it and put the gel on the infected inflamed area.  The effect was immediate; her skin soaked it in and cooled down.  I did this a few times in an hour and the entire area looked different.  It was healthier, more alive and beginning to heal.  After 5 days of applying Aloe vera, fresh from the plant several times a day, the area was totally healed.

So what does Aloe have in it that works so incredibly well?  Located in the sap of the leaves you will find twelve anthraquinones, a phenolic compound that has antibiotic properties.  Aloin and Emodin, two of these compounds, are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and analgesic.  They break up residue, pus and lifeless cells, bring blood to the region and flush out material from wounds and ulcers.    Enzymes in the plant as as biochemical catalysts and these enzymes are active for about 3 days after you cut the section off if you leave the rest in the refrigerator.   Another component found in Aloe vera are lignins, a major structural material of cellulose content, that allows for penetrative purposes.  Aloe vera can soak into the skin up to seven layers deep.  The lignins can penetrate the toughened areas of the skin and get deep into the tissues.

I’ve often compared holistic medicine to conventional medicine by comparing a lush rain forest, filled with so many plants and trees that it overwhelms one to a dry, parched lot of weeds in some inner city.    We have too many choices in holistic health and it sometimes takes a while to find the right one.  But now you know how you can use fresh Aloe vera with your pets if needed.  Good healing to you all!

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