Preventing Cancer : The new word is chemoprotective

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on May 16, 2011

The stress both we and our pets feel when they are ill, the unnecessary bills and the worry…. well.. the plain fact is that life is a lot more fun with a healthy pet!  And there are ways we can have the security that we are doing all we can to keep our dogs and cats healthy.  VITAL VITIES  by Deserving Pets designed their preventive supplement to keep our dogs and cats healthy, living longer lives.  But let’s take a brief look at how long it took some vital health information to become available to the public.

New food guidelines correctly stress the importance of fruits and vegetables but you may not have known the the medical establishment ignored their value in preventing disease and cancer for many years.  The American Cancer Society even denied the role of fresh vegetables in preventing cancer, in spite of considerable evidence to the contrary.  John Hopkin’s School of Medicine discovered the first phytonutrient  (phytochemical) in kale  in 1992 which dumped carcinogens out of cells about eight times faster along with other toxins as well.  Studies found that kale inhibited cancer growth.  For almost 20 years  evidence like this has been scientifically proven and it is only during the last few years that new guidelines that represent this (and many other exciting scientific discoveries) have been out.  It’s because this evidence can no longer be ignored.

Our dogs and cats need the same support that we do.  They need phytonutrients to prevent disease and cancer.  In fact, statistics now show that one in two dogs will get cancer and that’s just plain scary.  We want our best friends with us for as long as possible and we want to care for them as well as we can.    The best ‘Supplemental Health Insurance available is  preventive supplementation with an excellent quality product.  It’s the new kind of health insurance, helping to prevent disease and keeping our dogs and cats healthier and living longer lives.  Thank you Deserving Pets for your VITIAL VITIES.   We’ve been waiting for this kind of product longer than we should have been !

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