Natural Diets

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on November 3, 2011

Walk the Path of Natural Diet for better cat nutrition and better dog nutrition.

Nowadays, everyone wants to learn about natural diets, home made meals, cooking for your pets, good nutrition and optimal pet diets. If you want your faithful friend to live as healthy and happy and as long a life as possible, you’ll want to give him the benefit of a diet that contains as many nutrients and immune-boosting substances as possible, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating his consumption of toxic or disease-promoting ingredients. Your cat’s and dog’s wellbeing depends on what you put in their dish. The time to keep illness at bay, after all, is before it’s has a chance to develop. This is what a healthy diet can do!

Vegetables, fruits, grains and herbs are sources of nutrients that your dog simply cannot get from eating a diet comprised commercial dog food.

One point that you should keep in mind is that vegetables and fruits are fresh, “live” foods filled with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that disappear after heating and processing. Beyond their nutritional value, there is the quality of freshness they possess, the exact opposite of the “dead” products sold by the manufacturers of commercial dog food. Unfortunately, most big-brand dog foods are absolute garbage and contribute greatly to health problems. There are better brands and lots of other alternative home cooking options in my book, Dr. Khlasa’s Natural Dog. Therefore, whenever you have the time to add, say grated carrots to your dog’s meal or give him a sliced broccoli stalk as a snack, by all means do so. In addition to supplying him with needed nutrients, it will help fill the void that a diet of processed or cooked food creates. Variety is the spice of life!

The enzyme pathways of so many of a dog’s organs need the vitamins and minerals that only fresh foods can provide. That’s why I strongly recommend that a “real food” diet include a variety of these commodities, as well as a vitamin supplement.

Believe me, if your dog seems to do all right on conventional dog food, you cannot and will not fail to make him healthier with some home cooking. And this is irrespective of whether or not you count calories or measure amounts precisely. You can’t go wrong by taking this approach. My book Dr. Khlasa’s Natural Dog is filled with recipe ideas, dog food ideas and easy ways to make your pet’s diet healthier so he or she can lead a longer, happier and healthier life. Daily preventive supplementation to give them everything they need every single day of their lives with VITAL VITIES by Deserving Pets is the very best ‘supplemental health insurance’ you can give them!


Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD

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