Is your dog food healthy or should you choose a more natural solution

by Deserving Pets on March 1, 2010

All dog foods tell you that they are healthy. The commercials should prove it because you always see vibrant, shining and very hungry dogs running for that wonderful bowl of kibble. Some dog foods tell you how they put in special vitamins and joint nutrients and fruits and vegetables. They’re considered the healthier foods. The problem is that the processing the dog food goes through destroys just about all of the real value of these advertised healthy ingredients.

Dr Khalsas Natural Dog

Dr Khalsa's Natural Dog Book

Better brands avoid by-products and that’s a good thing. Chicken by-products can be made of eyeballs, beaks, feet and hydrolyzed feathers. I’ll stop here because it only gets worse. A natural dog food is one that puts in quality grade ingredients and these would be labeled as ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’ and not ‘protein digest’ or ‘chicken by-products’. Reading a label and looking for words that indicate that the bag contains the real thing rather than a by-product can help you decide between brands of dog food.

Healthy dog food can be prepared from home cooking. My book, Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog, has loads of wonderful recipes for meals and snacks and it’s set up so that you can manage to prepare really healthy food, no matter what your time constraints.

But if you want your dog to have real glowing health, a good supplement that is complete and balanced should be a daily part of your dog’s health diet. Dog vitamins should taste good to your dog and they should be chock full of healthy complete and balanced vitamins.

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