Hypoallergenic Cats

by Deserving Pets on October 25, 2010

Why are some people allergic to cats?

The culprit responsible for people’s allergies to cats is a protein that’s found in the dander (tiny flakes of skin) and saliva of the cat. These proteins become microscopic airborne particles. Scientists named the protein FEL D-1. ” No-one really understands why certain breeds of cats like the Devon Rex, Cornish Rex and Sphinx can be better tolerated by people with cat allergies than other cats. The Rex breeds have fine, short wavy hair and the Sphinx have almost no hair. I believe we can all agree that they still have skin and this would produce dander – furless or not!

Hypoallergenic Cats - Why are some people allergic to cats?

At Deserving Pets we were curious if our vitamins – if given to cats, of course – would have any beneficial effect for people with cat allergies. We were surprised and very pleased with the results.

One story:”
Mrs. X and her son were very allergic to their 2 cats. They kept them on the warm porch and visited often but they still had to take allergy medicine on a regular basis. Deserving Pets Vital Vities for cats came into the picture. Mrs. X was used to cleaning up a mass of cat fur that would accumulate in the corner. After a few weeks, she noticed that there was little or no cat fur to clean up and that when she petted her cats their fur did not come off in a little fluffy pile. Their shedding had definitely decreased.

At the same time, Mrs. X noticed that she wasn’t refilling her allergy medicines and realized that she and her son had slowed, then stopped the pills altogether. Now the cats are coming into the house and – so far- no signs of allergies.

Wondering how you can create a hypoallergenic cat?
One old tip was putting fabric softener diluted 1:10 all over your cat. Well, so much information has come to light on how toxic the ingredients in fabric softener are that we could never recommend this. It never worked so well anyway.

Deserving Pets Vital Vities work to make your cat’s coat healthier because he or she is getting healthier inside. The dander on a healthy cat is minimal and the shedding goes way down.

Two holistic veterinarians recently tried Vital Vities and now dispense them for their patients. One told us about one of her very own cats with a long term flakey, thin coat problem. Another told us that his 6 cats just loved it. And one, with a terrible coat- we won’t use the veterinary terms – showed total improvement. Both said they could tell the difference in a week and it just kept on getting better.

If you see results on the outside in a week, or even in two or three weeks, just think of all the healthy changes that are occurring inside. It’s no miracle, it’s just the best supplement around!

Joan asked for a free sample so she could make sure her cats liked it. She took in the mail and was amazed when her 3 cats began dragging this envelope around and fighting over it. Guess what was in the envelope!

You can order your FREE sample of Deserving Pets Vital Vities right here on my blog! Click here!

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