Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Is treatment available?

by Deserving Pets on March 30, 2010

FIP is one of the conronaviruses and can, in it’s initial stages, look like a routine cold, mild fever or diarrhea. It’s insidious and comes in several forms. The most common form is the ‘wet’ form in which the cat’s abdomen fills up with a sticky, yellow honey like fluid. Young kittens may look like they have a full belly after eating too much or it could be chalked up to roundworms. If you hold your kitten up and his belly has a pear liked shape and it is full and jiggly, you may want to have your local veterinarian take a good look. If I’m suspicious about FIP, I put a tiny needle in the abdomen and aspirate some fluid. It’s relatively painless (most cats don’t even notice you’re doing it). If fluid can be removed from the abdomen, it’s a bad sign. And if the fluid is a bit sticky and stringy and yellow colored, I can be 99.9% sure that FIP is present. FIP can also cause fluid buildup in the chest cavity and there is also the dry form.

The problem with FIP, with the exception of the diagnostic honey colored abdominal fluid, is that it is hard to diagnose. The typical blood test is rather untrustworthy. Another problem is that once it is finally diagnosed, many cats are really sick and just about all of them die.

It used to be thought that the coronavirus that caused FIP would cross react with a coronavirus that caused diarrhea in kittens, and this is why veterinarians got back so many positives when testing well cats. It’s now known that it’s the same coronavirus that causes the diarrhea in kittens and the kittens recover from it and then have a ‘memory’ of the virus in their immune system – which causes the positive blood test. But they don’t have FIP anymore. They fought it off when they had the diarrhea as a kitten.

In my opinion, the reason most cases of FIP are fatal is because the cat that gets it is not able to fight it off, and once it is diagnosed they’ve become so compromised and so sick that they just can’t win the battle. Certain homeopathic remedies are helpful with FIP.  The homeopathic remedy Apis mell. 30c can be purchased at a health food store and this helps to remove the accumulated fluid in the abdomen.  Give this remedy 4-6 times a day.  Homeopathic remedies come in potencies and you can use higher potencies (like 200c) also.  Another good remedy that is indicated in cats with loving and cuddly personalities is Pulsatilla 30x.  This remedy can be given 2x a day. One breakthrough in treating FIP is using Double Helix Water which works to decrease the inflammation in the tissues in the abdomen that are producing the fluid.

So it’s important to give your kitten and your cat all the tools he needs to fight off all the cat viruses and diseases, including FIP. Deserving Cats Vital Vitamins has L- glutamine for the immune system, 100 IU of Vitamin D which is very important for immune function, Vitamins C and E and zinc along with phytonutrient support for his or her immune system. No cat or cat owner deserves the pain of discovering their cat has FIP. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure!

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