Don’t Microwave your Pets’ Food

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on October 3, 2012

Recent research shows that microwaved food suffers molecular damage. The Soviets did a great deal of research on microwave cooking and found so many physical ailments that they banned these machines for use. The Russians reported stomach and intestinal cancers as well as digestive problems were increased significantly in people who ate microwaved food. High blood pressure, migraines, stress, anxiety, hair loss, infertility, hormone problems, adrenal exhaustion, memory loss, attention disorder and heart disease were found to be significantly higher in the subjects eating microwaved food. Food that is in the microwave, even for just a few seconds, has the C, E and B -complex vitamins virtually destroyed and the essential trace minerals rendered useless.

When you microwave your dogs’ and cats’ food so they can have a ‘nice warm meal’ you are doing them a disservice and damaging their health. Processed pet food starts off with little nutritional value in the area of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Adding a quick microwaving destroys any of the remaining nutritional value in the food. If you caringly cook your pet’s meals and follow by microwaving the food you are destroying the food’s nutritional value and make it into a ‘food’ that actually contributes to and creates disease.
Whenever you feed your dog and cat remember to add VITAL VITIES to their food so they have all they need to stay healthy.

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