Doggy Diarrhea? Quick, Effective, Inexpensive Solutions

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on October 19, 2012

Diarrhea does not have to be a disaster.   My 30 years of experience allows me to pinpoint exact solutions that are effective and inexpensive to boot.  No more cleaning up carpets and floors or expensive visits to the veterinarian -or worse yet, the emergency room.  It’s a good idea if your dog does occasionally gets diarrhea to have some of these items in your ‘home remedies kit’. Click on this video and enjoy !   Home remedies for Diarrhea Part I

VITAL VITIES by Deserving Pets has prebiotics which act as health food for the good bacteria in the gut.  Kale and dandelion are healthy for the digestion and build up the good bacteria.  VITAL VITIES also has pumpkin and apple pectin to provide roughage and normalize the digestive tract.   Remember.. VITAL VITIES has complete and balanced vitamins and minerals along with many other superfoods to keep your dogs and cats in very good health.

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