Dog Vitamins that Really WORK

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on June 21, 2012

You know a dog vitamin works when you see a difference in your dog.  Better vitality, shiny coat, clearer eyes show you that the supplement is increasing health and well being on the inside and it’s showing up on the outside.    So if you wanted to create the best ever supplement for dogs and the best ever supplement for cats what would you do?

First of all you’d probably want a dog or a cat to like the vitamins because we’d all hate to chase our pets around every day in order to give them a supplement.  You’d want to formulate a complete and balanced vitamin-mineral formula that had hearty doses of ingredients from quality sources.

You just might think about our pet’s common ailments and make sure the mix had ingredients that would assist them to both prevent and correct these problems.

Then again, with so much new research available about nutritional deficiencies and the effects on our cats and dogs that you’d make sure each species got exactly what they specifically needed.  Bio-research on disease preventing super-foods would help you choose just the right ones to put in the mix.

If you did all this and then used a cutting edge technology to mask any unpleasant taste or smell while preserving all the ingredients, keeping them fresh and potent, you’d have come close to creating Vital Vities for Cats and Vital Vities for Dogs.   The icing on the cake, both literally and figuratively, is the human-grade, all-natural flavoring.


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