Do Dogs and Cats Need Vegetables?

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on June 18, 2012

Because of all the extra toxins our pets are exposed to, they need top notch colored vegetables even more than we do.  In 1992 John Hopkins Medical School discovered the first phytochemical in kale and found that it dumped carcinogens out of cells 6-8 times faster.  In fact, when dogs with tumors were fed kale their tumors grew not at all or more slowly than dogs who were not fed kale.  That’s a mute point because we want to prevent cancer.  That’s why dogs and cats need vegetables which contain special powerful anti-cancer phytonutrients. Veggies such as carrots, pure concentrate of alfalfa juice, kale, broccoli, blueberries, beets and dandelion are super healthy.   Both dandelion and kale act also as prebiotics which naturally increase the numbers of the good bacteria in the intestine.   Nature created the perfect solutions to maintaining health.  Deserving Pets used all the latest scientific research on both humans and pets to create a very powerful formula ( VITAL VITIES)

Healthy Herbs for Pets

that works synergistically to both maintain and create health by giving the cells the tools they need to do it.

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