DNA does more than we ever thought

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on July 12, 2011

DNA builds protein in the body but only 10% of it is used for this purpose.  So what about the other 90%.  This supposedly unused DNA is what is being examined by Russian Scientists because they were convinced it was not, as most thought useless ‘junk DNA’.  They were right.  They joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore the area.  Their findings were revolutionary.  This supposed ‘junk DNA’  serves as data storage and in communication.  In fact, DNA reacts to language.   Human language is just a reflection of the arrangement of the DNA.   it is entirely normal for DNA to react to language and words.   So many of our medical problems are caused by damaged DNA in cells.  Next, we’ll talk about repairing DNA to restore health.

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