Deserving Pets Cat Vitamins Help Fight Feline Bladder Problems

by Deserving Pets on February 8, 2011

For thousands of years, milk thistle has been used to dissolve stones and crystals in the bladder. Did you know that cats only get Vitamin D3 from eating raw liver or from a supplement? Vitamin D3 and K work together to prevent minerals form flushing into the urinary bladder. Without complete balanced supplementation, our feline friends are prone to all kinds of bladder problems. We’ve also included Vitamin C, Cranberry extract, Blueberry extract and Dandelion for complete bladder support.

Deserving Pets Cat Vitamins Help Fight Feline Bladder Problems

Dandelion is the new popular kid on the block and for a good reason! It strengthens the liver and gall bladder, removes toxic waste and helps prevent skin conditions and arthritis. It also helps transport nutrients through the body and is a ‘prebiotic,’ giving nutrition to the good gut bacteria. While the milk thistle in our vitamins protects the liver, dandelion works to clean and detoxify the liver, a very important function in today’s toxic environment.

Deserving Pets extensively researched nutrition and disease to save you and your pets the worry and stress of illness. When pure vitamins, minerals and super foods combine to create a balanced and complete formula, AMAZING things happen. We invite you to compare our pet vitamins and see for yourself!  You can purchase Deserving Pets Vital Vities pet vitamins by visiting our website!

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