Dandelion – The Miracle Herb

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on December 4, 2012

I grew up in the northeastern part of the United States and my parents and neighbors were aghast when dandelions appeared on our lawns for it was a sign of bad lawn husbandry.  These wonderful plants that we were so eager to kill provide some of the most amazing health benefits of all time!

Dandelion is the ultimate home remedy for dogs and cats because it is so powerfully healthy. Everyone can recognize the dandelion plant! Perhaps after you read this you’ll view them differently.  You can use them to make a healthy tea infusion that supports and tones your dog’s liver.  I would recommend that you do not use dandelions from lawns that have been sprayed with herbicides     Both, the roots and the leaves, have been used for medicinal purposes. The leaves work as a digestive and flush the kidneys. The root is used as a cleansing tonic for the liver, and reduces gallstones, jaundice, and constipation.   Dandelion increases gastric secretions to aid in digestion.  They’re also a prebiotic supporting the healthy bacteria in the gut.

The nice thing about these herbs is that they can be used preventively. Some chopped dandelion in a meal works to clean, tone and heal the liver.  The fresh leaves are often sold in supermarkets in the produce department.  Commercially available dandelion is less bitter than what grows on your lawn. Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES has dandelion to tone and heal your dog and cat’s liver every single day and it’s specially coated so they don’t taste the bitter taste of this most wonderful healing herb.


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