Creating Health

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on May 4, 2011

All of the nutritional value of the food we eat is generated from the soil it grows in. If our soil does not have the ingredients needed to sustain health, neither will our food. Intensive factory farming throughout the world has produced deficient soil. Soil no longer contains the minerals or vitamins needed by the living organism in amounts that support good health. As one example, a specific bacteria in soil manufactures Vitamin B12. They are now at less than 40% of the levels found in the 1950’s.

Does this affect our pets, because they’re on balanced pet food.. right? Think again. Pet food was created when a fellow named Spratt noticed that dogs would eat the discarded moldy, spoiled biscuits that sailors tossed off the ships when arriving back to port. Recycling food dubbed as garbage for people was a very economical idea. Spratt’s ‘stroke of genius’ was devoutly followed by most pet food manufacturers until public knowledge and outcry resulted in the birth of our more healthy commercial dog foods. Even so, commercial dog food is no more healthful than human food grown on depleted soil. Additionally, it is heated and compressed under great pressure, destroying most, if not all of the limited amounts of vitamins present.


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