Car Sickness in Puppies

by Deserving Pets on August 12, 2010

Carsickness is a common problem in young puppies.  To avoid it, you can begin to introduce your puppy to the car using a gradual, positive reinforcement technique!

Make the car a good place to be.  Bring your puppy to the car when it is still on the driveway; sit in the car with him and pet him and tell him what a fine dog he is.

Car sickness is a common problem in young puppies

After a few visits like this, he or she will think a car is a great place to be.  Now do the same thing but drive the car to the end of the driveway and back.  Again, do this a few times.  The next step would be the drive the car around the block.  Each time he is told what a wonderful dog he is.  Do not go on to the next step until the puppy is comfortable and confident about the previous one.  After this, you can drive for a bit with the puppy in the car feeling comfortable.  Now go to spot the puppy considers fun – for instance the park – and let him run around.  Do this several times.  They’re usually quick to catch on that  the car will bring them to the places they like.  A gradual introduction to riding in a car is often the best way to go about this.

Sometimes the movement of the car causes the dog’s vestibular system to become confused.  Fluid inside the system denotes the position of the body.  Confusion, because of the unusual movements of a car, can cause car sickness also.  There are homeopathic pet remedies for car sickness that can help this.

Cocculus indicus 30x-  a homeopathic remedy – is excellent for car sickness.  It should be given every 10 minutes for three doses before your dog gets in a car.   It is usually available in most health food stores.

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