Cancer in Dogs and Cats – Why so much?

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on June 18, 2012

As each decade passes, we get more used to eating processed food that contains no life-force and no life- supporting qualities.  Using a microwave destroys all of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals)  in food and denatures the protein.  Frozen meals in our supermarkets contain Genetically Modified food and many other fillers that have a negative effect on health.  Intensive farming practices have depleted the soil resulting in fewer vitamins and minerals in our fruits and vegetables.  Even worse, the food our dogs and cats eat is super-heated and compressed.

The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are the tools our bodies – human, dog, cat; in fact any ‘body’- uses to repair itself.   If the Maytag Man came to fix your washer and didn’t bring his tools he wouldn’t be able to fix it. In fact, if he didn’t bring a complete set of tools and your washer needed a specific part, he still wouldn’t be able to fix your machine.  Just so, cells can’t fix their machine without a complete set of tools and we’re starving them of tools.. not even close to a complet set !

Now add the toxins our pets and ourselves are constantly exposed to.  When water bottled in plastic is left in the heat highly carcinogenic dioxins leach out from the plastic which we then drink.  Roundup is touted to be safe but it is one of the most toxic herbicides on the  planet.  It’s also a xenoestrogen, mimicking estrogen in the body and it’s changing male frogs and fish to female frogs and fish.  It doesn’t disappear from your lawn in a day or two- that’s advertised to us, but it’s untrue.

When you add all of this into the equation it’s easy to see why cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs and one in two dogs will get cancer.   I can’t keep up with cancer rates in people.  Is it one in three now?   It might be less for us than dogs because we eat colored vegetables and some of the foods proven to reduce cancer by 30%.  That  percentage alone would change the cancer statistic for us humans. We also don’t run right on our lawn chemicals and don’t put spot on products on ourselves for fleas. Send this blog to your friends who have pets so they also understand why we have so much cancer in our pets.  Education and changing our daily habits is the only way to lower the incidence.


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