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by Deserving Pets on December 30, 2010

Reflecting upon 2010, I’m grateful for the letters from all over the world thanking me for my best selling book, Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog, along with stories and letters like these:

A true story

After  the loss of my persian Buster, I never wanted to let another cat into my life – I was so devastated when I lost him.     Never say Never.


Eleven years ago this Christmas Eve I rescued Christmas.  Hence his name.  He was all alone on one of the coldest winter days that we had in a very long time when I saw him hiding under a desk at my brother’s business.  A week prior my brother had informed me there was a little kitten hiding at his place of business and he had been leaving out water and little pieces of chicken for him to eat.  But all his attempts to get the little kitten near enough to provide him shelter had failed and the building was very cold.  This went on for days.  I decided that was it- Christmas Eve I headed out with determination to rescue this little kitten.

I was on the ground in the snow for two hours playing touch tag with Christmas, he was a real rascal.  I successfully grabbed him- he bit me and he went to the pound and I to the emergency room for a tetanus shot.  With all this happening, I was expecting 12 people for Christmas Eve dinner.  I visited him every day for ten days at the pound ( the wait before I could take him home so they could be sure he didn’t have Rabies).  He was the only kitten at the pound with all large dogs.   I would talk to him every day through the window next to the locked pound door.  I said, ” Just wait, Christmas, you will be coming home with me on day 10!”   My life has been so very enriched with him in it.  He has been my soul mate for the past 11 years.

When I picked him up from the pound, I had an appointment with a vet and he checked out healthy.  Until the next week… we were watching TV and I smelled an odor of decay and found he had a rotting look between his paws.  I took him right to the vet and he was diagnosed with skin allergies.  His condition became more and more extreme over the years and he was treated with steroids and tested for allergies.  My vet said she had never treated an animal with so many allergies and that if he had remained a feral cat he wouldn’t have lived.  His body was attacking itself.  Years continued with steroid shots and antibiotics, over and over again.  Then I added the drug Atopica to  his medications as a way to hide his allergy symptoms.  I had even taken him to a holistic vet before this.  The Atopica didn’t do much either.

This past fall I noticed blood on my couch and bed and Christmas had a cyst removed at the vets.  Then it came back again and this was something new and this time it was diagnosed as cancer.  I was devastated and cried going home and all night for they would have to remove one of his toes.

Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog

I said to myself ‘maybe there is someone who has had the same experience and could help Christmas and myself.’  I started telling everyone at work.  I was blessed to find out that one of my coworkers dogs had skin cancer four different times and told me about Dr. Deva, the only thing was she wasn’t in our area any longer; she had moved to Australia. ( note: it was New Zealand and now I am in Florida)  I was determined to find you, Dr. Deva.  I immediately went to Dr. Deva’s website and contacted her to set up a consultation.  Thank God I did.  This was back in September of 2010.  We started him on NAET Allergy Elimination.  Dr. Deva sent me vials and I simply treated him at home.  I have completed all the food allergies treatments. I learned how detrimental  the Atopica was for him and he was also on steroid shots in addition to the Atopica.  I stopped the Atopica and the steroid treatments.  Christmas has had a few little breakouts and we handle these holistically.  We’ve had to follow up on his breakouts and my veterinarian is happy with how small they are and how quickly he clears up but he is off all of the medication that just suppressed it all.  With time and care, he is getting healthier and healthier and this makes me very happy.

Thank you. Dr. Deva, for standing by me and Christmas; for answering countless e-mails with numerous questions and fears and doubts.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and treating Christmas holistically.  I couldn’t believe how fast his sores cleared up with holistic treatment.  Never give up hope.  Thank you for making a difference in our lives.

ALL OUR LOVE   Maria and Christmas

Wishing all of you and our four-legged furry friends a happy and healthy 2011!!!

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