Ancient History of Aloe Vera

by Dr. Deva Khalsa on July 4, 2011

Modern medicine often throws out the baby with the bath water, forgetting how powerfully effective and proven ( for over 5 thousand years, thank you!) the results are from certain plants and herbs.  Aloe vera is no exception.Legendary narrations recount the Aloe Vera history. The curative virtues of Aloe Vera were already known during ancient times.It was among the Sumerians, during the times of the Kings of Akkad, where we find on clay tablettes the first allusions to the therapeutic use of Aloe Vera.We also find the Aloe Vera plant painted on the Egyptian vases of the archaic epoch. The “Egyptian book of remedies” on the famous Ebers papyrus (15th century A.D.) also mentions Aloe Vera among the healing formulas having already existed 3000 years before our times.In the Hindu culture, the Aloe Vera is named “the silent healer”.


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