by Dr. Deva Khalsa on August 21, 2012

Both yeast and bacteria inhabit a  healthy dog’s ear. They live in a delicate balance and keep each other in check. When one overgrows, an infection occurs. Typically, the sweet-yeasty smelling dark brown infection comes first.     This yeast infection can go on for a long time and can commonly reoccur.  Here is a great recipe for those brown yeast infections (the yeast is called Malassezia).  The ears can smell like old socks, rancid milk or yeasty.  If you put a cotton ball in your dog’s ears and it comes back with black-brown wax on it- it’s Malassezia.

The most wonderful recipe for curing yeast infections

4 ounces of rubbing alcohol

1 tablespoon of boric acid

4 drops of Gentian Violet ( 1% solution)

All of these ingredients can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy.  Continue on to read the instructions below.

Mix all of these ingredients together and shake well.  Place in a dropper bottle.  Make sure your dog’s ears are not inflamed or ulcerated before you use this product.  If your dog exhibits pain, or great discomfort after application discontinue use immediately.  Use one-half dropper-full in each ear twice a day for one week.  After this, use one dropper-full one time a day in the ear for one or two more weeks.   Now… even if the ear looks great, continue would to use the solution twice a week for 2 or 3 months.  This will handle the infection that persists deep down in the ears.  Gentian violet can stain clothing, walls, furniture and carpet.  In this solution, however, it is very dilute and rarely causes a problem. Regardless, I would not treat your dog’s ears wearing your favorite white silk dress.


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