Give the Gift of Quality Supplements to Your Dog and Cat!

by Deserving Pets on March 25, 2010

The best health insurance you can have for your dogs and cats is to give them a quality supplement with vitamins and minerals every single day.

And just as you would compare health insurance policies… checking out the kinds of benefits each provides, you need to compare vitamin brands and understand how to compare them for quality and effectiveness.

If the calcium in your pet vitamin is from dried up bone meal, your dog or cat cannot absorb it at all. And if the minerals magnesium and phosphorus are in available form the result is an imbalanced mineral mix that can cause rather than prevent health problems. The same is true for calcium from oyster shells. So those pet vitamins have a negative health benefit.

Pet Vitamins that contain Brewers Yeast as a flavoring and as a source for B vitamins may also be letting you down. Brewers yeast is a by product of the beer industry, —it’s left over after beer is made. It’s a poor source of B vitamins and a fair number of pets are allergic to it. .. causing them to itch and scratch. Additionally, Brewers Yeast is often a Genetically Modified Food, another negative point. Pure balanced B vitamins from vitamin laboratories are a much healthier choice.

Just as you need all kinds of tools to maintain your home.. hammers, nails, glue, electricity, saws, glass and wood…. Well.. in the same way your pets (and you too, for that matter) need all kinds of tools to keep their bodies maintained and healthy. And these tools need to be complete. If you have a hammer and no nails, you won’t be able to fix that broken step and is the same if your pet has some vitamins and not others. This means that a supplement has to be complete and balanced to create true optimal health.

Deserving Pets has created a complete human grade sourced and balanced supplement that also has incredible superfoods that have been scientifically proven to prevent disease. And a special flavor blasting process has your pet thinking it is a treat!

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